Title Date English Nepali
SEBON Journal-X 2023-12-01 English
Volume IX: Impact of Monetary Policy on Sectoral GDP through Sectoral Lending: A Study of Lending Channel of Monetary Transmission( Sandeep Dhakal) 2022-06-29 English
Volume IX: The Short Run Return of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in Nepal (Phul Prasad Subedi) 2022-06-29 English
Volume IX: Factors Affecting Non-Performing Loans of Nepalese Commercial Banks (Pawan Kumar Jha, PhD) 2022-06-29 English
Volume VIII(1): Market Readiness for Book Building Pricing in Nepal (Jas Bahadur Gurung) 2021-04-05 English
Volume VIII(1): Testing the Weak Form of Efficiency in Nepalese Stock Markets (Hari Gopal Risal and Pratil Koju) 2021-04-05 English
Volume VIII(1): Stock Returns and Gross Domestic Product in Nepal (Gopal Prasad Bhatta, PhD and Anu Mishra) 2021-04-05 English
SEBON Journal Volume IX Issue 1 (Manuscript Submission Notice) 2021-03-07 English
Instruction to Authors 2019-06-24 English
SEBON JOURNAL, VOLUME 7, MAY 2019 2019-06-19 English