Human Resource

NAME Designation Email
Dr. Rewat Bahadur Karki Chairman chairman[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Securities Board of Nepal
Mr. Paristha Nath Poudyal Executive Director poudyalpn[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Supervision and Research Department & Commodities Market Regulation
Mr. Niraj Giri Executive Director nirajgiri[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Regulation and Management Department & Commodities Market supervision 
Mr. Mukti Nath Shrestha Deputy ExecutiveDirector mukti[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Legal and Enforcement Division & Commodities Market Regulation
Mr. Binaya Dev Acharya Deputy Executive Director binayadev[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Management Division & Securities Businesspersons Supervision Division
Dr. Nabaraj Adhikari Deputy Executive Director nabaraj[dot]adhikari[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Policy, Research and Planning Division & Commodities Market Supervision
Mr. Krishna Raj Pokhrel Deputy Executive Director kpokhrel[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Regulation Division
Mr. Krishna Prasad Ghimire Acting Deputy Executive Director krishna[dot]ghimire[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Stock Exchange, CDS and Mutual Funds Supervision Division 
Mr. Rupesh K.C.  Director rupesh[dot]kc[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Administration Section
Mr. Narayan Prasad Sharma  Director narayan[dot]sharma[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Research and IT Section & Education, Training and International Affairs Section
Mr. Ambika Prasad Giri  Director ambika[dot]giri[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Financial Management Section & Merchant Banker Supervision Section 
Mr. Niranjaya Ghimire  Director niranjaya[dot]ghimire[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Legal Enforcement, Stock Exchange and Businesspersons Section
Mr. Dipesh Tamrakar  Director dipesh[dot]tamrakar[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Corporate Finance & Mutual Funds Section
Mr. Tej Prasad Devkota  Director tej[dot]devkota[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Commodities Market Regulation
Ms. Deepa Dahal  Director deepa[dot]dahal[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Stock Exchange and CDS Supervision Section & Commodities Market Supervision
Ms. Manju Upadhyaya Acting  Director manupa[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Account & Financial Managment Section
Mr. Anuj Kumar Rimal Acting  Director anuj[dot]rimal[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Listed Companies and Mutual Funds Supervision Section 
Mr. Suraj Pradhananga Acting  Director suraj[dot]pradhananga[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Stock Broker Supervision Section
Mr. Rewat Shrestha Assistant Director rewat[dot]shrestha[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Policy, Planning and Research Sub-section    
Mr. Tola Kanta Neupane Assistant Director tola[dot]kn[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Trading Surveillance, Human Resource and General Administration Sub-Section     
Mr. Ganesh Shrestha Assistant Director ganesh[dot]shrestha[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Human Resource and General Administration Sub-Section    
Mr. Shankar Prasad Rimal Assistant Director shankar[dot]rimal[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Mutual Funds Subsection    
Mr. Amir Thapa Assistant Director amir[dot]thapa[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Chairman's Secretariat, Stock Broker Onsite Supervision & Offsite Supervison  Sub- Section    
Mr. Binod Poudel Assistant Director binodp[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Grievances and Investigation and Financial Management Sub-section
Mr. Nabaraj Pandit Assistant Director nabaraj[dot]pandit[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Legal Defense Sub-section
Ms. Saraswati G.C. Assistant Director saraswati[dot]gc[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Account Sub-section
Mr. Deepesh Banepali Assistant Director deepesh[dot]banepali[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Corporate Finance Sub-Section
Mr. Shyamu Mandal Assistant Director shyamu[dot]mandal[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Stock Broker, Merchant Banker, CDS & Credit Rating Sub-section 
Mr. Hari Prasad Bhusal Assistant Director hari[dot]bhusal[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Listed Companies Supervison and Mutual Funds Supervision Sub-Section & Commodities Market Supervision
 Mr. Ajaya Dhungana  Assistant Director  ajaya[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Policy, Planning and Research Sub-Section    
Ms. Laxmi Paudel Assistant Director laxmi[dot]paudel[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np 
Commodities Market Regulation    
Ms. Sarita Maharjan  Assistant Director  sarita[dot]maharjan[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Stock Exchange and CDS & Depository Participant and Clearing Member Supervision Sub-Section    
Ms. Ritambhara Basnet  Assistant Director  ritambhara[dot]basnet[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Legal Sub-Section    
Mr. Rajaram Duwal  Assistant Director rajaram[dot]duwal[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Legal Enforcement Sub-Section    
Mr. Yamnath Aryal  Assistant Director  yamnaryal[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
IT Sub-Section    
Ms. Sanu Khadka Assistant Director  sanu[dot]khadka[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
IT Sub-Section    
Mr. Raju Bahadur G.C. Acting Assistant Director raju[dot]gc[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
 Education, Training and International Affairs Sub-section
Ms. Shashi Bhattarai (Aryal) Acting Assistant Director shashi[dot]aryal[at]sebon[dot]gov[dot]np
Merchant Banker Onsite & Offsite Supervision Sub-section
Mr. Gaurab Bista Senior Assistant  
Ms. Bimala Pathak Senior Assistant  
Mr. Bipin Sapkota Senior Assistant  
Mr. Dipesh Chaulagain Senior Assistant  
Mr. Sangam Rai Senior Assistant  
Mr. Lokesh Prasad Singh Senior Assistant  
Mr. Basanta Rasali Senior Assistant  
Ms. Deepika Maskey Assistant  
Mr. Narayan Paudel Assistant  
Ms. Eliza Phuyal Assistant  
Ms. Rajina Rai Assistant  
Mr. Nahakul Bhattarai Support Staff  
Mr. Binod Maharjan Support Staff  
Mr. Rajesh Lage Support Staff  
Mr. Arjun Prasad Dhakal Support Staff  
Mr. Rajan Khatiwada Support Staff  
Mr. Dipak Chhetri Support Staff  
Mr. Nawaraj Paudel Support Staff